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Welcome to Blogging in Darkness

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to Blogging in Darkness! I’ll be your guide today! No, before you ask, I do have electricity.  And I am using it while I write this.  As a matter of fact, this blog has nothing to do with the state of the lights in my apartment, and everything to do with a well known role playing game produced by White Wolf called  Wold of Darkness. Maybe you’ve heard of it? If you haven’t, keep reading.

World of Darkness is a world much like our own. Every day, people get up at the buttcrack of dawn, scrub themselves bright pink and put on a monkey suit before they drive off into the Great Big Working World. Or they don’t, depending on how their resumé looks. However, in World of Darkness the world is more that meets the eye (much like transformers, only with less Bay-splosions.) The shadows are deeper and darker, urban legends have more than a touch of truth to them, and you always feel like you’re being watched from a distance.

Doesn’t that sound cheery?

I thought so.

So, check back every so often, while I post things that I find helpful as a Storyteller. I’ll also be chronicling  the story of my players.


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