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Into the Mists: Dramatis Personae.

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

We are using NWoD for this game.

Truntsville, South Dakota. A lovely place to live if you like fog, flat lands, and Stepford Smiliers. With a population slightly larger than 42,000 the city does very well at pretending to be a thriving metropolis.  equipped with it’s own hospital, community college, small army base and a brand new bank, people are very, very happy here. People don’t even mind the fog.

Here’s the deal on the fog. Every night at 8pm it rolls in. It sits in the city, thick, wet, and creepy. Then at 8am the next day it rolls out. It’s been like this everyday for the last ten years. no one knows why. People have looked, but haven’t found a thing. They just live with it.

There is also a bank in this town. fairly new, and has already managed to go national. the HQ sits dead center of downtown Truntsville, and is generally pretty. Inside is all ultramodern interior and happy pop music. Kids from Truntsville Community college come and do their homework there. And the bank lets them. As a matter of fact, New Robin Bank and Loans even allowed a Starbucks to call the lobby home. Isn’t that nice? I think so.

Now onto the meat! Let us meet our players (god rest their souls)

Aldaday Agg: “Day,” As anyone who wants their tongue to remain in their mouth calls her, is an ex-stripper turned investigative journalist with a heart of gold and a brain of mush. Here to figure out why New Robin Bank and Loans became so popular so quickly, she can often be found on the dance floor of the clubs down on dock street. Day’s hobbies include E, GHB, Vitamin K, and most of the other letters of the alphabet.Currently she is employed at the very bank she is supposed to be investigating.

Rowan: Coming from a good home with happy, supportive parents (and probably a white picket fence,) Rowan did what every little girl would do. She rebelled. She learned every martial arts she could, then moved onto more man made weapons. She also married into the Army, and works as a bodyguard. Well, worked. She’s looking for work at the moment. She seems to have some sort of sixth sense as well, but it comes and goes. Her Hobbies include going to the firing range to shoot guns, going to the gun shop to get leered at by a man who sells guns, and going home. Probably to play with her guns.

Mikhail: He wears his sunglasses at night so he can, so he can, get some privacy. Recently moved from the east coast, Mikhail is at the forefront of field. He cures cancer. With LASER BEAMS. or at least he cuts it out. He’s Russian, obviously, and rather dislikes the attention that his position has given him. his hobbies include: “Accidentally” bumping into Day in coffee shops and stairwells. Also shaving his beard.

Laura: What can we say about Laura? She’s cute and cuddly in the same way that a mama bear is right after you run  her cub over with your lawnmower. Short and kind of squat, Laura moved to Truntsville to that her third cousin Amanda Sanders could see her dying Grandfather in the hospital. How touching. Laura recently received custody of Amanda in a court case against Amanda’s cracked out mother. It wasn’t pretty, and Laura still hasn’t figured out how the little girls is coping. Her hobbies are as follows: Having the same demeanor of a bear. Smelling of a bear. Being short. Being grumpy.

Amanda Sanders: A precocious little girl if I’ve ever met one. At 10 she’s already mastered the internet and sarcasm. She’s pretty jaded after growing up in crack den, and she knows she’s lucky to be alive. Amanda is attached at the hip to an old laptop she’s had for as long as she could remember. She is too young for hobbies.

Hayley: Or should we call her DESDEMONA (because she’s a satanist)  is 16, and has only lived in the town for a couple of weeks. And she already hates it here. Probably cause they don’t sell skinny jeans in her size (which is lardass) and the black hair dye isn’t as black as her weeping soul. Growing up in Chicago, and living in Seattle long enough to know what air without pollution tastes like, Hayley had it pretty nice. Then her parents got the job that ruined her life at New Robin Bank and Loan, and she was forced to move to Truntsville and live off of 100 bucks a week allowance. Her hobbies include: cutting (for realz guys!!!11!!) and greasing up her thunder thighs to fit into black skinny jeans.

And there you have it ladies and gents! Our players in this dark, foggy story!